Who We are

See & Be Seen

At Project I See You, we believe in serving and being served, healing and being healed, seeing and being seen.

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Who We are

See & Be Seen

At Project I See You, we believe in serving and being served, healing and being healed, seeing and being seen.

Discover Our ValuesMeet the Team
~$1 Million

Invested in Women

Since the beginning, we’ve seen our impact increase each year thanks to our dedicated and compassionate donors.


Serving Women & Their Communities

From sending our first team to the DR in 2009, to the launch of Shared Power in 2021, we continue to serve women and the communities they sustain.


Women Supported

From the Dominican Republic to Denver, Colorado, Project I See You reaches women across diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic barriers.

2009 – 2011

In 2009, we made our first women’s trip to the Dominican Republic. We began to understand the power of reciprocal dignity and how much each one us needs to connect to our worth as a woman.

The next year, we continued holding immersion trips and ventured out to connect and create with the women of La Canita. This was the beginning of 20 different immersion trips that contributed to the unfolding of long-term, mutually empowering relationships.

Project I See You found its name in 2011 and became an organization under the Step Up to Help 501c3 (now Accord, Inc.). Our mission was clear: to create spaces where women could identify with the words in Genesis 16:13 ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.’

2012 – 2015

In 2012, the gift of a well provided the women of La Canita with access to clean water, eventually leading to the community receiving running water in their homes.

Over the next year, Dominican and Denver-based artisans began working with the women of La Canita to create beauty out of trash, and the vision of making jewelry as a source of economic power was realized.

In 2014, the women of La Canita rented a small house made of wood and tin to be the site for Proyecto Te Veo in the DR. In 2015, we reached out to the neighboring communities of Redemido and Haiti. That same year, property was purchased and construction of Centro Te Veo began.


2016 – 2018

“Immerse Denver” weekends and 24-hour immersions took place in 2016. Women from the Denver area came together to grapple with their own poverty and privilege and connect with women who live in constant scarcity. As a result, Project I See You developed the ability to hold the tension and be present with one another no matter our ethnicity, station, possessions, or achievements.

In 2017, Project I See You and Open Door Ministries came together to envision Te Veo House, a home in Denver to serve women transitioning off the street and out of sex trafficking and incarceration. The next year, Turner Construction and other generous companies and individuals began the remodel of the home that would become Te Veo House.

2019 – 2020

In 2019, the first class of 25 women graduated from Centro Te Veo. Through the center, women connected with their worth through education, skills training, business development, and service to the community through outreach to the local orphanage, prison, and the elderly home down the street.

It was a monumental year in 2020 as Project I See You in Denver became its own 510(c)3 nonprofit organization, Proyecto Te Veo in the Dominican Republic continued to make strides toward independence and sustainability, and Te Veo House opened its doors!


2021 – Today

During the pandemic in 2021, Project I See You launched the Shared Power Initiative, awarding $10K grants to women first-time homeowners and to women-owned businesses in need of back up and support.

In 2022, Proyecto Te Veo became its own foundation and continues to empower the women of La Canita.

Over the past 14 years, we have reached thousands of women both in the Dominican Republic and the Denver metro area. Join us as we envision expanding our impact and empowering women in more states and other parts of the world!

Our Mission

Project I See You is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to helping women take ownership over their lives and radically transforming the communities around them. We strive to create a world where all women are seen, heard, and valued through a transformative exchange of service, healing, and mutual understanding.

We believe in breaking down barriers and challenging women to step outside their comfort zones to promote growth and positive impact within their communities.

We believe in…

Reciprocal Dignity

We uphold mutual dignity and respect for one another to reveal our intrinsic worth that allows us to see and be seen.

Holding Tension

We hold the tension between emotions, experiences, social constructs, spirituality, and race in order to encourage dialogue and gain new perspectives.

Informed Awareness

We practice informed awareness in order to identify our limiting beliefs and grow in our understanding of the unique areas in which we serve.

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

We leave the familiar behind to become open to new experiences and fully immerse ourselves in new opportunities.

Inner & Outer Transformation

We put action to our intentions to empower women to experience inner and outer transformation.

Creating Space

We create physical and virtual spaces to provide the freedom necessary for meaningful change to occur.

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