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Project I See You creates cross-cultural experiences that invest in women’s worth and value, ultimately leading to change in our lives and communities.  We empower women both at home and around the world by connecting lives, nurturing relationships with each other and God, and working on projects together for personal and economic growth.  There is something powerful that happens when reciprocal, long-term development and relationships unfold.

Mission, Vision, and Values

We exist to pour into woman’s worth and value.  

When our work is done we will all see ourselves as God sees us, leading to transformation in our lives and communities.

We believe that...

... being seen and valued is transformative in and of itself.

... making space to connect, to create, to play, and to rest tells us about our truest identities.

... community is essential to the restoration of the human heart.

... we need to honor both the feminine and masculine image of God.

... we are created to give what we have been given.

... poverty and extravagance dance together.


Our Work

Our Work


Te Veo House: Te Veo House Denver is a women’s transitional home that we are opening in partnership with Open Door Ministries in 2019. This will be home to up to 16 women that are experiencing homelessness in Denver. The home is in the heart of Denver and will provide stability and care for women to find their next step in life.

Centro Te Veo:  Since 2009 we have been meeting with the women of La Canita and now they have taken on the identity of Project I See You.  They ARE Project I See You.  Centro Te Veo is a women's empowerment center on the border of La Canita and La Victoria.   To read more about the center click here.

Immersion Trips:

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: A seven to ten day trip, with a team of ten to fifteen people, Immersion Trips are designed to expose you to Dominican culture, the women of La Canita, God, and to your own self.  We take two to three Immersion Trips each year, including women’s trips, mother/daughter trips, and family trips.  The focus is on personal formation and social action.  We have seen this liminal space is essential for many of us to launch into our passions and calling.  Click here to see about upcoming immersion trips.

Te Veo Jewelry:  In 2010 the women of La Canita began making jewelry and by the next year we were helping them buy and sell their products.   Through selling this jewelry and other products many of them have been able to significantly improve their homes, put pipes from a local well into their neighborhood, and raise much of the money needed to pay for the build of Centro Te Veo.  In 2016 we began working with Freedom Collective International to develop a boutique-quality line of jewelry to boost the newly formed co-op's sales.  And to bring further economic empowerment and education to the women of La Canita.   To purchase this beautiful jewelry click here. 

Circle Round: Our desire is to pour into women’s worth and value AT HOME as well as around the world.  And in ways that do not compete with our already hectic schedules.  A few times a year we gather for Circle Round in Denver.  A time for women in Denver to listen, share, connect, and enjoy.  To see when our next Circle Round is click here


Project I See You was birthed out of a relationship between a church in the Denver metro area, Lookout Mountain Community Church, and a church in La Victoria, Dominican Republic in 1995.  From this two of our leaders, Angie Johnston and Mercy Tucker, ended up living there with their families.  

In May 2009, while Mercy was still living there, Angie led a trip of local Denver leaders to La Victoria and to meet the women of La Canita (on the outskirts of La Victoria).   We all had such a blast getting to know these women through teaching, going to beach, washing their feet, eating meals together.  And we were also struck by how life changing and impactful it was for each of us in our own lives.  Our first group called ourselves “Healing Circle of Women.”  We knew we had to come back.  

Soon there after, Mercy and her family moved back to Colorado and another team began to meet and dream of a trip to the Dominican Republic.  In 2011 we took our second trip and soon realized it was about “really” being seen and “really” seeing others. The name Project I See You was birthed.

Since that time we have been on this wild ride of leading two immersion trips each year, walking alongside the women of La Canita in their economic development and all of our spiritual and relational healing.  We have branched out into things we could never have imagined: installing a well, developing a jewelry business, taking mother/daughter trips, family trips, and dreaming of trips to other places.

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Founders - Angie Johnston and Mercy Tucker

Director - Mercy Tucker

Administrative Manager - Diane Urbano

Coordinator of Strategic Projects - Amanda Pennington

Te Veo House Volunteer Coordinator and Project Manager - Becky Bell

Artisan Developer and Design Consultant - Kelly Campbell

DR Trip Lead - Angie Johnston

Volunteer Fundraising Chair - Tammy Breeser

Volunteer Centro Te Veo Builds Team - Susie Kneezel, Matt Nowka, Telly Deboarts, Angie Ham, Mercy Tucker

Advisory Team - Jayne Spear, Shant’a Johnson, Mercy Tucker, Jude DeHierro, Keith Mehrens, Tammy Breeser

Immersion Trip Leaders - Tammy Breeser, Telly DeBoarts, Angie Johnston, Susie Kneezel, Susy Newman, Amanda Pennington, Jayne Spear, Mercy Tucker, Lizzy Wagner

Accord Board - Jennifer Smith - President, Paul Leasure - Treasurer, Dave Malouf, - Secretary, Chris Magnotta, Robyn Zolman, Angie Ham, Brian Newman, Mercy Tucker