Here is a follow up letter from Abby Breeser to her supporters for her Youth Immersion Trip.  She said we could share it with you.  

Hello everyone this is Abby and I wanted to let you all know about my amazing experience in the Dominican Republic(D.R.)

We started with an overnight flight that was fairly good and made it to the Dominican Republic by 11:00 in the morning. We had an amazing reunion with our Dominican friends. When we got to La Victoria we set up the house and did a quick prayer walk around the city. Since we were so exhausted we had an early night and dreamed about the work we would do the next day.

The next day we went out to La Canita and made crafts with the kids. They absolutely adored it. We drew their name in bubble letters and they got to decorate it with stickers, dots, markers, googly eyes, and of course glitter which got all over them and us. At the end they all showed us the work with smiles on their faces. That was probably one of my top highlights of the week.

The following day we went to work on Centro Te Veo, a community center we are building for the women of La Canita. The land it is being built on used to be a dump so it was a lot of trash pick up. About five minutes in we found a giant tarantula that was right by my friend's foot. Then we cut it in half with a shovel. That stalled the work a little bit. When we finished we had a worship and prayer time on the land it was beautiful. 

The next day we held a sports camp for the kids of La Victoria. We found out however that we should of used the word clinic because the teams in La Victoria came wanting to play us and those kids were good.We ended that day with a trip to ice cream to cool down.

The following day we held another sports camp and had another day of a work out and fun with some amazing athletes. At the end of that camp we took a group photo and to our surprise we got presented with a plaque from the volleyball team of La Victoria thanking us for our support of their team it was a very special moment. That night we had a worship time in the street it was so serene and beautiful I completely felt god's presence.

The next day we did an amazing  race through the streets of La Victoria. We had three teams with a mix of Americans and Dominicans. We started by having to build a human pyramid and then headed to a blind walk. We continued with a three legged race and then had to memorize a verse and run back to wear we started. It wasn't the most put together activity but it had a really cool idea. During the afternoon we want to La Canita again to buy jewelry the women of La Canita had hand maid it was beautiful. That night we had a worship time in the park with some youth group kids from La Victoria and yet again god was so evident. That night we played around on the street.

The next day we headed out of La Victoria to go to the beach for our last day. After a day of playing and getting our hair done in cornrows we headed back to the YWAM base where they generously let us stay the day. They served us dinner and let us use there facilities. That night we prayed for our Dominican friends as well as everyone in the group. I was able to overcome being afraid of praying in a group it was such an uplifting moment. Then YWAM generously drove us to the airport were we caught or overnight flight home.

All in all, it was such an amazing experience and time I had with everyone and i will never forget it. On this trip I discovered a desire to be fluent in Spanish and when I returned to school I will be taking Spanish classes more seriously. On top of that I overcame my fear of praying in a group, but most of all God was so evident to me on this trip and it just gives me a desire to return to the Dominican Republic. It was so amazing and thank you for your support of my mom,my youth group, and me. Love you all and hope to see you soon.💕💕

   Sincerely,  Abby Breeser