Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the abundant ministry and work happening in June.  Today I sit here with all of our teams home and our two interns wrapping up their time in the DR.  Jordan and Johannah will be home next Monday.  The stories and heart changes are just beginning to surface.   And the momentum of our work in La Canita is powerful.  It is both beautiful and overwhelming at points.  Who would have thought that we would be holding all that we are right now?  Teams of new people visiting our beloved La Canita, building a women’s empowerment center, creating a jewelry line, starting immersion experiences in Denver, launching new staff to step into the calling of pouring into the worth and value of women?  Amazing.

Today I am making calls to Immersion Trip participants and leaders.  I am updating our website and putting some final touches on our Half Year Report.  (You can expect that in the mail soon!).   I am looking towards the fall and contacting our leaders to confirm dates.  I am texting with Kelly about jewelry sale opportunities and with Katrina about grant opportunities.  I am brainstorming about fundraising with new staff and with new ministry partners on ways to activate personal formation with urgent social needs.  It is so much to hold.

And that is why I am thankful for two images.  One that is keeping me centered today.  And one that we hope will center us as an organization as we grow. 

This first is one I took with my iphone just last week.  (see above).   I was overwhelmed with the needs of our organization and carrying burdens I am not asked to bear.  In the midst of this emotional weight, my husband handed me a bag of jewelry from the La Canita women.  I quickly put it in my bag in order not to have a breakdown.  Once I got to my office, I tried to ignore the bag of jewelry, but knew I needed to get it to Kelly or at least tell her how they looked.  So, bravely, I opened the bag.  And, thankfully, the beauty, simplicity, and full story was sitting there, right in my hand.   So much of what we do with Project I See You is intangible.  But the grace came in the moment when I could hold the jewelry, fresh from the DR, that represents poverty and extravagance dancing together.  This is what it is all about: empowering women towards real change based on the truth that WE are seen. 

And the second image is for us all.  It is our new logo for the coming years.  As we grow we want to re-center again on our focus: seeing and being seen.  I love how this image holds our core identity even as we launch into more strategic and new projects.  We are hopeful and eager to see all that God has in store for us in the rest of 2016 and in the years to come. 

ISY Logo-Tagline.jpg

By the way!  Join us at the Te Veo Jewelry Launch Party, Friday July 8th at Kelly Campbell's house.  Email me for the address and to RSVP!  And check out our upcoming events for later this summer and fall by clicking on EVENTS in the navigation bar above.  Join us!  Join us!  Join us! We would love to SEE you.  

With love and grace,