Our January Build Team and Business Development Team trip was beyond imagination.  In summary, a final floor plan was developed and we are working with a local contractor on our official build plan.  We will be moving forward with construction of the first floor in the coming months!  

We also established our DR build team that will be our main point of contact with the purchase of materials, construction process, and desired out comes.  We hope to keep you closely up to date as we receive reports and pictures of the process.  

Our business development team met with our DR Advisory Team, coming up with a strategy for shifting to a co-op model.  They produced a Market Bag Set within the two weeks we were there (and proceeds from the sale of these bags will go towards funding the co-ops training and materials needed to make the business locally sustainable within three to five years).  You can see pictures on our Facebook page.    

Kelly Campbell, from Freedom Collective International, came on this trip with us to kick off our partnership. She was busy creating products for a boutique level line.  Watching the co-creative process with our Dominican friends was really amazing.  We will let you know when those lines launch and keep you up to date on how that is impacting the lives of the women in La Canita.  

Of course we were all personally blessed beyond belief, watching this all come together.  As we move forward with Centro Te Veo and this business development, we covet your prayers, hopes, and support.   

Our Team: Matt Nowka, Dawn Lawrence, Angie Ham, Leane Mahanke, Susie Knezel, Kelly Campbell, Ann Rajewski, Telly DeBoarts, and Lizzy Wagner