Biemba is one of those hidden treasures. The quiet servant type that doesn’t demand a lot of attention but yet is such a vital and a valuable member of our team. She is hardworking, trustworthy and is always serving us when we are in the D.R. She has been serving Project I See You from the beginning.

Biemba purchases food, prepares the meals for the team and serves us in her home about twice a day, including cleaning up after our group. None of our group has ever gotten sick from Biemba’s meals. Her sister, Candida and her daughter, Litane have become a part of that serving team, cleaning the homes we rent each day. 

Biemba’s heart is gold and she demonstrates Jesus in the way she serves us. All of those who have gone on an immersion trip have been blessed by her presence. She is an integral part of our family so it is my desire that you “see” Biemba, the sometimes hidden, quiet, humble servant of God that gives herself away!