The beauty of all that has happened with Project I See You is that we could not have planned all of this, even if we tried.  Here we are, a group of women that really love God, each other, and connecting with other women around the world.  And suddenly we are making jewelry with scraps, digging wells and pipes, laughing with friends in La Canita again and again, and dreaming more fully than ever before about:

-       A full blown Community Center in La Canita

-       More and more women in our lives visiting the Dominican on Immersion Trips

-       More and more men coming on Immersion Trips and connecting with our Dominican brothers.

-       Taking Vision Trips to other places around the world where dear friends live

-       Stepping into the conversation about women, worthiness, the world, misogyny, and the church

-       Developing a real, sustainable, honorable business model with Dominican women

-       Going on an Immersion Trip with the women of La Canita to other communities, yes!, even to Haiti.

-       And more.

You all, we have been having so much fun and are so full!  And feel a little crazy and tired some of the time.  As ya do.  On our Vision Trip in December, we were really believing and asking, “What’s next, God?”  And, to our amazement, (and my astonishment!), we hear, “More.”  Making more space, more room.  As women do.   

So that is what we are doing.  Making more space to grow this life that God has given.  And one step in that is Diane Urbano will continue as our Administrative Manager and I will step into a part time Director role.  With hope and love we are honored to carry some of this calling.  Over the next months, we will be letting you in on what God is making clear to us.  And you will be hearing the voices of more ISY people.  

In the meantime, we have an upcoming Immersion Trip, April 14 to 21st.  The initial meetings are starting NOW.  Email if you are interested in coming to an initial meeting.