We are back!  What an amazing trip we had in La Victoria and La Canita.  As usual, we are amazed at how God went before us and prepared the way for healing in our hearts, our friends hearts, and work that flowed around us and through us.  

Our aims for the trip were many, and somehow, as I look back, they were all accomplished and then some!  More on that soon and in the New Year.
The thing I am compelled to write about first is something that I don’t want to forget.  It is the story of how God met me on this trip.  After all, you can NOT go on a trip with Project I See You and NOT be deeply transformed.  (That’s a double negative).  Even if you do bring your husband, seven month old, and are trying to team lead the trip.  
From the moment we drove to the airport in Denver, I suddenly and consistently was feeling a little crazy.  As in anxious, foolish, and a bit shameful, crazy.  What were we doing?!  Going to another country, with my family, to see about our process of adopting from there, (we are in the process of international adoption from the Dominican), to be with Dominican friends I had not seen in two years, to act like I had some influence in a group of EIGHTEEN people that were going to connect and serve alongside women that have been making (amazing) jewelry that we are fumbling through to sell.  WHO DO I THINK I AM?  I don’t even speak Spanish.
In the midst of a swell of panic at DIA, I heard a still small voice: Breathe.  One foot in front of the other.  One step at a time.  

So we got on the plane.
And then we were in Santo Domingo at a bed and breakfast.  And in Juan Dolio with another adoptive family and friends.  And in La Victoria with five, and then thirteen, and then…it happened.  It was happening.  And when things are happening I can miss it – I can be distracted from my insides where God meets me.  I am a momentum junkie after all.  
But thanks be to God, I was met like Hagar at a well (Genesis 16).  He saw me.  And so did our Dominican friend that was praying with us.  He has a recent and burdensome gift of seeing images as he prays and sleeps.  And the picture for me was of oil.  He knew it was oil pouring over my head because the oil was flowing from a spout just like they put in their huge oil canisters.  Oil – pouring all over me.  He said he could have confused it for water but the spout gave it away.  Oil.  Anointing.  This time, this trip, this family, this calling.  
And suddenly I was at peace.  Maisey still needed extra cuddles in her baby sling.  Dan still had to leave four days in to go back to work.  I still slept like three hours a night.  But gone was that self-doubting, shameful tape.  And onward with the work and play God has laid out before us.           

                                                                                                - Lizzy Wagner