Gracias a Dios!  Estamos aqui!! We are here. We arrived on Thursday to Atlanta, spent the night and left early Friday morning for a long day's journey to La Victoria!  We flew in over what looked like marshes and wetlands.  The hurricane missed the DR but left a major tropical storm in the process. We had to drive in a circle to get to our destination because the river had risen so high the bridge was impassable.  After a long trip, we arrived!  They had been without water or power for three days but are slowly getting back to "normal". There are places in La Canita where houses are completely under water.  Our sweet friend Franci who is about to have her baby is apparently staying with friends because the house where she normally lives is under water. We hope to see her today.  It is becoming apparent that God has us here for such a time as anyone following the theme???  WATER...again!!  We are praying with them and asking what God would have us do.  Biemba, our friend and cook, prayed the first night, "Thank you God, we needed these 'lights' to arrive in this dark time".

  • Pray for us to love well.  We are all "healthy". 
  • Pray for continued healing for Barbara, who is slowly healing from a nasty head cold.  
  • Pray for Susie who came down with a bit of a cold as well. 
  • Pray for continued protection, unity for the women in the Campo, direction on details concerning the operation of the well, health for us...and for us to see and be seen!